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ing for it and bokep xnxx I get something off the rack. Then she told me that I had two, maybe three more fittings before the dance. ARRRGGGGHHH! End of Journal Entry ******************* "I couldn't believe it, Bronwyn. *She* picked out the dress and it video xnxx is *perfect* on her. I would have had her in something slinkier, perhaps younger looking, but Goddess, she looks positively dangerous in this." "Well, that is positive. Her journal still discusses going back to being Jack," and Bronwyn was *not* going sunny leone xnxx to discuss what was currently wwwxnxx motivating the girl with her Mother. Maybe Bonnie was becoming *too* important to Jacqui. "but xxx videos as long as she is enjoying her little feminine adventures, we can still hold out hope for her eventual acceptance of womanhood." "It is so sad that she did not become as we did after our own Transformation. All of us are losing out on so much because of the way she feels." Bronwyn nodded. "I think it may have been because she was Transformed without ever having made love as a man. Neither of us were virgins at the time xnxxx desi xnxx of our entry into womanhood, but Jack was. I think Jacqui resents that most of all, and it may be why the enchantment did not ease the way for him as we thought it should have. Our research Sisters are exploring that possibility so that we can try and avoid further occurrences this in the video xnxx future." Laurie just shook her head. "It is xnxx korea hard to believe that some smart girl never tripped up my gorgeous, strong son and had her wicked way with him before sex that time. What is sex video wrong with these girls of today, Bronwyn?" she asked facetiously. "AIDS xnxx com/ for one thing," she said quietly. "Every smart girl knows that a broken condom can hold more than babies for her, now. Besides, your son had a very full plate. Between sports and school work, he did not have a lot of time to spend on a girl, getting her to where she was confident enough of xnxx video him that he was worth the risk. I think those girls missed out, but that is water over the dam, now." porno xnxx "Are you going xnxx download to the Prom, dear?" Laurie's eyes were twinkling at her friend. "Of course. He's a lovely boy and has done his tasks very nicely." She grinned hungrily. "He might even get very lucky afterwards as a reward. The exuberance and stamina of youth make for an . . .interesting xnxx tamil possibility or two. Should be a lot of xxxx fun. Too bad he won't xnxx sex videos remember zoo xnxx it once I no longer need to be Bonnie." xnxx 2019 She sighed in mock dismay. "Still, the training I will give him will stand him in good stead. Some girl will be very lucky once she catches him xnxn after I am done with him." Both women started laughing at that and they moved on xnnn to other, more mundane topics. Excerpt from xnxx japan the Journal of Miss Jacqui Donovan 9 months, xnxxcom 2 days A. T. What is worse than a dress-fitting at the hands of the very sadistic Attila the Bun-sticker? A dress-fitting with xnxx .com that evil bitch when you are also dealing a rough first day of your period. The only thing that kept me going was the image of losing my lunch all over her xnxx porn blue tinted hair and xnxx india the only thing that kept me zoo xnxx swallowing hard not to do just that was the off chance I might miss and ruin my dress. End of Journal Entry Excerpt from xnxx teen the Journal of Miss Jacqui Donovan 9 months, 5 days A. T. I can't help wondering what I did to offend Mom's friend desi xnxx Bronwyn. I am *not* imagining that she is avoiding me. She and Mom were deep in some little tete a tete this evening when xnxx download I got home from visiting xnxx Tamika. indo xnxx Ten minutes later, she remembers an important engagement and is off. xnxx tamil That little niggle sense Mum says I video porno am supposed to pay attention to is going crazy. And another thing, when I said good bye to her, it was on xnxx bokep the tip of my tongue to call her something other than Ms. Llewellyn, only whatever that was slipped into that nebulous part of my head xnxx cina that works in "background". Whatever it is, she is Mum's friend, and xnxx japanese I need to fix whatever xnx is wrong if it is something I have done. Mum has a hard enough time dealing with her gender confused child. She does not need to lose a friend, too. After xnxx porno the Prom, xnxx tv I think. Now all I have xnxx telugu to do is figure out how to get five minutes alone with the woman without her turning tail and running for cover. It was *much* easier to deal with stuff like this as xnxx anime a guy. "Hey indian xnxx you" doesn't seem to work when you are only five feet six inches tall and a 120 lbs. End Journal Entry **************** Bronwyn, in her guise as Bonnie, was sitting in Jacqui's library watching the girl work her own brand of magic with the top-of-the-line porno PC on her desk. It fascinated Bronwyn https // to see xnxx anime how easily her young friend found useful information with her computer, or how quickly she did very complicated calculations and reports on it. While she wasn't xnxx arab actually computer-phobic, Bronwyn's use of a computer was mostly limited to word processing in her "real-life" career as a novelist. Now that she thought xxn about it, very few of the Sisterhood's members were technically oriented. Almost all of them were of a more xvideo . . . humanistic bent in their mental workings. What was that, left or right brained? Bronwyn couldn't remember, but which ever side of the brain that dominated her thinking, it was pretty xnxx desi clear that the opposite side was foremost with the novice witch in front of the computer. She was staring at the screen like it was a crystal ball. xnxx/ All Bronwyn could see was line after line of totally incomprehensible and unrelated letters and numbers scrolling down the screen. Finally, Jacqui sat back in her chair, a smile on mom xnxx her face. "That's got xnxx hindi it." she said with evident satisfaction. Bronwyn did not see anything on the screen that was at all different from when Jacqui had declared it xnxx cina was a problem, and said as much. "Oh ye of little faith." Jacqui intoned, and then made a blazing-fast series xnxx gay of key strokes before hitting the enter https // key with a maestro's flourish. The screen went dark for a second or two before a picture of Bonnie and Jacqui smiled up out of the screen. "I don't know how you did that, since I know we never posed together for that picture." She held up her hand to forestall the expected video porno explanation that she would not xnxx sex understand anyway. xxx "I *don't* want xnxx. to know." xnxx/ she grinned down at her friend. Was video xnxx it possible that Jacqui's technical mind set was another piece of the puzzle of why she fought her Transformation so hard? Was there something in the way the dominant side of her brain worked that made the reality of what happened to her so . . . difficult for her to accept? She'd have to run that by the research team, too. Whatever else came of this, the Sisterhood xnxx india was *not* going to go through so painful a Transformation transition again. "So, you all ready for the Prom?" she asked nonchalantly. Jacqui's attention was back on the screen, working on some other confusing list xnxx sex video of equations and expressions. "Guess so. The dress is done, thank goodness. Most of the pin holes in me are even healed. I have had the shoes for a couple of weeks now, and a good thing, too. I would have been lame in an hour if I hadn't practiced walking in those stilts for the past few days. How about you?" "Oh, yeah. My mom finished making my dress the other day." Another member of the Sisterhood had been drafted to act as Bonnie's Mom on those days when one had been needed. Now, she xnnx tamil xnxx made a useful opening for a gambit that Bronwyn hoped would work out for Jacqui and for Laurie. "We are going to make a day of it, getting me ready for the big night. She is even borrowing a video camera so she can record the whole day. She is more excited than I am." Bronwyn let the hook dangle in front of her prize tamil xnxx fish and just wiggled the bait a bit. Frowning, Jacqui turned to face her best friend. "Your Mom? She's going to help you xnnn get ready? And it's going to take all day?" Here little fishy, Bronwyn thought, just take a itty-bitty taste. I promise you will just free porn love it. "You bet. She practically begged me to let her do it. It is going to be great. She is going to spend the day pampering me and xxx videos I am going to look fabulous when desi xnxx she is done. And Jeremy is going to go nuts when he sees me." She preened for her xnxx tv audience because she knew she had Jacqui's complete attention. "Yeah, it is going to be really great." Jacqui tamil xnxx sat there, her hands unmoving on the keyboard. "You say that Moms videos xnxx really like doing that kind of stuff?" Gotcha! xnxx. com Bronwyn thought with a hidden smile. Time to nxxn reel this prize in. "Yes. It is a special time for Moms, seeing their daughters all turned out and helping them get ready. Except for her daughter's wedding day, I think Prom Night is the most special time a Mom ever shares with her daughter." "Really." Jacqui said distractedly. Then, she shook herself and returned her attention to the computer program on xnxx hindi her screen. "Well, let's get this done so we can go get some dinner." And she started typing out more of those strange, meaningless symbols. Excerpt from the Journal of Miss Jacqui Donovan 9 months, 9 xnxx gay days A. T. If, as Bonnie assured me, that Prom Night is xnxx porno a special time for Moms - why hasn't mine asked to help beyond the buying of the dress and stuff? xvideo Because she knows how much you hate all this femme-stuff, xnxx stories dummy. Thanks, Jack, I needed that kind reminder. Only, I don't think I do, anymore. Not as much anyway. Maybe. Hell. End of Journal Entry A Change of Direction Chapter 18 Jacqui slept late the morning of the Prom. She intentionally did not set her alarm until noon because she videos xnxx knew it was going to be a very late night. She got out of her bed xnxx desi with a bounce and headed for her armoire to get some clothes when she stopped herself. She looked at her reflection in the mirror. Sleep ruffled, her tousled mane of hair gay xnxx gave her a look that Jack found very sexy. The long, satiny nightgown hugged her youthful curves like a glove and Jack xnnn liked that even more. She sat down, her teeth worrying at her lower lip as xnxx movies she decided if she really was going to do this. Finally, scolding herself for her lack of conviction, and determined to do what needed to be done, she pulled on the matching, filmy peignoir, her high heeled slippers and headed down to the kitchen. Her Mother was xvideos doing something at the stove when she came down that smelled wonderful. "About time you got up, lazybones, you have a lot to d. . ." She stopped talking vidio xnxx when she turned to face her daughter, surprised at seeing her still in her pretty night clothes. "Uhmm, aren't you afraid you won't be ready in time for Marcus waiting so long to get started?" Heavens, but she was lovely, japanese xnxx Laurie thought again. Why couldn't the girl see that and treasure that? "I know you don't think much of the xxxx little female xnxx indo rituals, dear, but there is a lot to do to get ready for a special night." Coughing to clear her throat, Jacqui smiled shyly at her Mother. "Sort of thought there might be, Mum. I was, uhh, wondering if you could help me get ready?" The dumbfounded and unabashed hope that lit her Mother's eyes made Jacqui's xnxx video xxnx insides hurt. Quickly, she rushed on, otherwise one or both of them would be crying. "I, uh, still don't know how to do up my hair and face as well as you do, and I was thinking, maybe you'd take some video of xnxx com the whole shebang? I might want. . . memories . . . later." She'd almost said "when I am a man again, but had stopped herself just in time. porno xnxx That would start the hurting again." A painfully joyous smile lit Laurie's face. "I could do that." she whispered. "I would really like to do that." She added. Then, before she could start bawling, Laurie spun back to the stove. "I am making your favorite breakfast of blueberry pancakes. xxx I don't expect you will want to eat xnxxcom later today. So, sit yourself down. You will need nourishment if I'm going to be getting you ready." "What xxnxx ever have I let myself in for?" Jacqui laughed as she settled into the chair with a swirl of silk. Thank you, xnxx sex videos Bonnie, she thought. Thank you very much. Jacqui was not *quite* so grateful seven hours later as she waited impatiently for the arrival of her date. Laurie had been a task-mistress of the first order nxxn from the moment she had set the stack of pancakes in front of her daughter. Jacqui had been sent back sex videos to her xxnx bath twice to re-shave her legs. "The stockings are real silk, dear. We don't want pulls, now do we?" she'd asked ever-so-sweetly. Then there was the four or five attempts to get her nail color *just* right, or the three different hair arrangements or the untold different makeup attempts. "You xnxx/ do want it to be perfect, don't you darling?" And of course, Jacqui did, for her Mom as much or more than for herself. One problem, however, had been Laurie's quite literal interpretation xxnn of "videotaping the whole shebang". Jacqui xnxx had good naturedly chased her Mother www xnxx com out of the bathroom when she was getting ready for her soak in the tub, but she had needed to xnxx telugu put her foot down when Laurie xnxxx reached for the camcorder as Jacqui prepared to put on her lingerie. "Mom! I might want to share this with someone other than family someday, okay? Let's try not to turn it into a reverse strip tease?" That had earned an embarrassed laugh from Laurie who had xnxx vina garut vina garut xnxx then, reluctantly, put down the camera to help her daughter put on the slinky wisps of satin and silk they'd porn xnxx bought to go with the dress. Looking at herself in the mirror as she stood there, arrayed in a red silk camisole xnxx. and matching thong panties set, Jacqui thought it would be nice to have xnxx mom some lingerie shots of herself when she was Jack again. japan xnxx Although, she admitted, there would be something perverse about getting horny www.xnxx looking at the picture of a girl while knowing that you had been the girl. Finally, they xnxx porn put on the dress. Made of shimmering red and black silks, the design of the calf length, off the shoulder formal dress had been derived from Romany styles. The vivid colors accented Jacqui's complexion and www.xnxx the tightly fitted bodice was cut to show just the right amount of creamy breast and cleavage. The tight waist flowed into a full skirt that would swirl teasingly xnxx anime as Jacqui danced and spun about the floor. With her hair teased full and xnxx selingkuh tied off in a bright red satin bandanna, the large, clip-on (she'd still paled at the thought of getting her ears pierced) earrings, and her Mother's cosmetic artistry, Jacqui was xnxx hot done over into the living image of her gypsy Great Great Great Grandmother. The xnxx. com final xnxx app scene in Laurie's video porn xnxx production was a shot of the xnxx sex videos stunned sex video stare on xnnx Marcus's face as he watched Jacqui slowly, regally descend the stairs. Jacqui's quick kiss and "Thanks for xnxx videos everything, Mom." finally sent Laurie over the edge. She spent the rest of her xnxx vina garut night watching the video of *their* day together again and again, weeping happily xnxx movies over each unexpected, precious gift her daughter had surprised her with this day. Excerpt from the Journal of Miss Jacqui Donovan 9 months 12 xnxx porno days A. T. What a remarkable day yesterday was. I feel like Eliza Doolittle. "...I could have danced all night..." The Prom was a lot of fun, particularly since both Marcus and I xnnx knew xnxx mom how to really dance. porn And I am feeling very smug and righteous about doing the girl- thing with Mom yesterday. I porn videos may not xxx video have been born xnxx korea or meant to be a girl, xnxx telugu and I am not likely to stay one any longer than I have to, but Jacqui made Mom happy yesterday. And it wasn't so very difficult. Maybe if I do things like that a porno little more often with her, fight her on things like that a little less, it won't be so hard on her when she no longer has Jacqui. Maybe. I also went a lot farther with Marcus yesterday than I ever intended to go. I went down on him. Yes, that is what I said. I, Jacqueline Donovan, formerly Jack Donovan, am now *officially* a cocksucker. Actually, that is really a crude term for something that xnxx barat made me feel xnxx indo pretty good inside because it made Marcus feel so good. It was nothing like I expected it porn videos to be. Sort of hard and sort of velvety soft, all at the same time. As to the taste, well, it was just sort of salty. In all honesty, I am not really sure why I did indo xnxx it. It started out xnxx com/ to be another hand job, but I was just xnxx stories so . . .so high after the dancing and the music, and he'd just been so great to me, I just sort of gave him a little kiss on his little head while a stroked his erection. Next thing I knew, I had the whole head in my mouth xnxx asia and he was groaning like he was in heaven. The way he responded to what I did with my mouth made me feel so incredibly powerful, so very, very strong. I never remember feeling that kind of power xnxx app when I was Jack. Made my xnxx indonesia panties rather damp, actually. Marcus wasn't shy about kissing me afterwards, either. No silly worries about being video porno a cocksucker by proxy in my lad, xvideos and he told www xnxx me he understands about me not being ready to "go all the way". Says he wants to learn to "do the same thing" for me. Does a guy do it differently than a girl, like Bonnie, does it? In any case, I think I will keep him, at least as long as I am Jacqui. He is really a xnxx bokep good guy. I wonder if we would have been friends if I had met xnxx. him as Jack? He's not into the same sports as I am... was. And on a very positive note - *if* as I suspect, that making love with a guy is a critical step in my "acclimating as a woman" - I don't think that is quite so far out of the question, now. It still makes my stomach a bit queasy, but it is "butterflies in the tummy" queasy and not "oh god, xxn not that" queasy. It is still a bit scary, but www xnxx com I think I can see my way clear to overcoming that particular road block to learning the Transformation Spell. All things considered - It xnxx 2019 was xnxx barat a lovely day. End Journal Entry ************* It was a surprisingly refreshed and awake Jacqui came down from her room site xnxx the next morning. Jacqui was surprised porn to find her Mother's friend, Bronwyn, sitting in the kitchen drinking a cup of tea, alone. She was even more surprised when Bronwyn did not gulp xnx down her tea and bolt. Maybe I am just over- reacting, she thought. Still not seeing her Mother, Jacqui greeted Bronwyn with her best xnxx jepang smile. "Hi, xnxx videos Ms. Llewellyn. Good morning. Is my Mom around?" Bronwyn smiled a the girl and offered her some tea. "She had to make a quick run to the store. Something about not having strawberries or some such thing." Jacqui turned to the stove to get the tea. "Oh, she is planning her special shortcake for dinner, Bonn..." Confused, Jacqui stuttered to a stop and spun to look at Bronwyn. "I xnxx japanese mean, Ms. Llewellyn." Something about Bronwyn caught her eye, had put her in mind of Bonnie, and she had nearly called her that. But that was silly. Bronwyn was a good four or five inches taller than the pixie tall Bonnie, and she was not nearly as . . . busy as her superbly endowed school friend. "Is vina garut xnxx xnxx indian something the matter, Jacqui?" Bronwyn asked, cocking her head to one side. " Nothing. Just a silly mixup is all." But that is *just* the way Bonnie holds her head when she is asking me something. Now hold on girl, she thought, what you xnxx barat are thinking is xnxx teen just plain impossible, she told herself sternly, but just as suddenly stopped herself in mid-argument. Now "impossible" is a mighty strange word for xnxxcom you to be applying to any vidio xnxx situation, Jacqueline who used to be Jack, she thought. And every instinct you possess is screaming "Bonnie". Taking a shaky sip of the tea, she told herself xnxx hd to think clearly, and to examine *all* the facts. Who was Bonnie? She only knew what Bonnie had www.xnxx told her. And as soon videos xnxx as Bonnie showed up, things began to get easier for her. Who helped her with clothes and makeup when she was fighting with her Mom? site xnxx Who helped start healing that breach? Who was always there to give her a little hint or to correct her before she made a humiliatingly masculine error? The answer was always the same. Bonnie. Who nxxn found Marcus and all but dared xnxx jav her to xnxx indian go out with him. Again, the answer was Bonnie. It also made sense that, xnxx com if Bonnie was really Bronwyn, that maybe she'd decided to play it safe, and keep a low profile around Jacqui. Was it within her Mother's power to find xnxx stories someone to be her friend and confidante? Would her Mother do anything she could to help her daughter once xnxx india she realized just how badly the Transformation had gone? The answer to each of those questions was a resounding yes. Suddenly, all doubts disappeared from Jacqui's mind. If Laurie could Transform Jack xnxx arab into Jacqui, then Bonnie had to be Bronwyn, and Bronwyn was of the coven or xnxx korea whatever it was that group of her Mother's was called themselves. Now, the big question was whether she should be angry about the deception? Hadn't the ruse given her help she needed but would not accept from her Mother? And then that answer became equally sex xnxx clear to her. She should be angry only if Bonnie/Bronwyn was sex xnxx not really her friend. She'd be xxnxx angry only if *all* xnxx desi of it had been a deception. Otherwise, Bonnie/Bronwyn was exactly what she seemed to be - the friend she had needed. The very special friend who had always xnxx .com been there for Jacqui whenever she had needed her. Taking a deep mom xnxx breath to soothe her fluttering stomach, Jacqui looked the older woman straight in the eye. "Hello, Bonnie- love. How are you this morning?" Bronwyn nearly responded out of habit, without thinking, before it hit her xnxx selingkuh that she wasn't wearing her "Bonnie-skin". Eyeing the girl speculatively, she made a xxx xnxx quick assessment of porno whether she could bluff her way through xnxx japanese this or not. japan xnxx A telepathic check of Jacqui's public mind put paid to that idea. sex The girl was absolutely certain. Somehow, she had taken all the disparate information and put it together into the truth. Impressed by Jacqui's powers of intuition if not her timing, xnxx indian Bronwyn smiled www xnxx weakly at her friend. "Hello yourself, Jacqui." Suddenly, the reason xnxn behind the girl's suddenly greatly enhanced perceptions came to Bronwyn. Smiling slyly, she said gay xnxx "You must have gone a whole lot further sexually last xnxx indonesia night than you ever have before." She had decreased the strength of xnxx tamil the inhibition that she had imposed on Marcus in preparation for last night. Enough so he could press his suit a little harder, but not so much vidio xnxx that he wouldn't take "no" for an answer if it came to that. Still, Bronwyn had not expected much to come of that. She'd *thought* she knew Jacqui well enough to predict how far the girl was ready to go with her fellow. "Well, xnxx sex you sure xxx xnxx surprised me. So, tell me. Did you have sex with him?" xnxx sex video She did not think she'd reduced the inhibition that far, but Jacqui could be a very inventive little minx when she was turned on, as Bronwyn well knew. A smug smile lit the lovely face. "That is for me to xnxx vina garut know, www xnxx Bonnie-love." Grinning at her impudence, Bronwyn shook her head. "No, luv, I indian xnxx need to know, and please, call me Bronwyn when I am in this skin. I know it is hard, but xnxx jepang it is also safer." sex If the girl had gone all the way with Marcus, Laurie needed to know now so they could determine if Jacqui had gotten pregnant. "Thank you." Bronwyn raised an brow in silent demand and Jacqui xnxx hd gave in with a smile. "We didn't go all the way. I, uh, gave him fella... site xnxx umm fella...." frustration at being unable to xnxx hot remember the technical term set off Jacqui's temper. "Oh hell, I sucked him off." she blurted. Amused at her embarrassment, Bronwyn hid her smile behind her teacup. "Oh did you? Enjoyed it, too, didn't you?" Jacqui's angry flush deepened into a blush. xxnxx "Did you swallow?" xnxx download she xnxx japan asked knowingly. Coloring even more brightly at the blunt question, Jacqui answered anyway. "It wasn't bad. And what else could I do with it? I might have gotten his sperm all over my dress, otherwise." then she relaxed and xnxx indo giggled impishly. "He squealed like a pig when I brought him off." she offered conspiratorially. "A man usually does, dear, when a lovely woman gives him that gift. Particularly the first time a woman does it for him. I am sure Jack would have, too." All the color drained from the girl's face. "That's something xnxx jepang I may never know, Bronwyn. Jack never experienced that, and now, he may not ever get the chance." Taking a deep breath, she pressed on. "Do you . . . do you know . . . everything? What my Mom did to me? What she did to Jack?" Solemnly, Bronwyn nodded. "Are you better about it, now? About your Mom?" Her good mood dissolved, and Jacqui nodded dejectedly as she wwwxnxx poured more tea. "Mostly, anyway. I still wish she hadn't done it. I wish I understood why she felt she had to do that to me. What she hoped to bokep xnxx gain by it." her voice fell to a whisper. "What it was about Jack that was not good xxx video enough for her." "Nothing!" Bronwyn's strident voice cut through xvideos Jacqui's depression. "There was nothing wrong with you as Jack. You must sunny leone xnxx never think that what she did was any kind of unthinking, accidentally cruel whim on your Mother's part when she Transformed you." "Then why, Bronwyn? Why take my whole life, turn it inside out and leave me in xnxx jav a world that I did not ask for" Why? What right did she have to take away the life I knew and wanted?" Compassionately, Bronwyn put her hand across to hold porno xnxx Jacqui's. "Your Mother is a member of a group that I also belong to, Jacqui. We call ourselves the Sisterhood. We sensed great power in you, and a great potential to use that power for sex video good. Therefore, because we thought xnxx .com the xnxx asia Transformation was the best way" and actually, the only way, she admitted to herself, "for all concerned, we took the responsibility upon ourselves. We elected to use this specific Transformation to expose you that xxnn power and to help motivate you to learn to wield the power yourself." "So, like my Mom, you see nothing wrong with what you had free porn her do to me, Bronwyn? Well, you japanese xnxx can tell yourselves that what you did was for the best, or that it was not an unkind sex videos or unfair thing to do to me. You can go ahead and tell yourselves all that; just don't expect me to agree